Quantity surveying Course Overview

Quantity surveying Course Overview

Quantity surveying involves the technical study of analysing and measuring the quantities of raw materials required for construction projects. Before a construction project can take off, it needs a quantity surveyor to calculate the quantity and cost of materials and the labour required for the building work.

What will you study?

Regardless of the type of surveying course, you will gain balanced instruction that will focus on both the development of practical skills necessary for employment and academic theory required to support professional practice.

Depending on the specialisation, you would learn to use the tools and equipment necessary for carrying out measurements and assigning value. You will also be trained in the use of IT which is indispensable to record and analyse the data you collect.

Typical course duration

You will need at least three years to complete a surveying course.


Generally, a good backgroud in mathematics and satistics will be required.