Nursing Course Overview

Nursing Course Overview

Nurses are part of a crucial support team in the field of healthcare. As highly qualified professionals with specialised skills, they work alongside doctors and other professionals in caring for the sick.

Their expertise complements and provides a critical contribution to the healthcare team.

What will you study?

This course will equip you to join the profession and includes the study of biophysical and psychosocial sciences as well as nursing applications. The curriculum also covers the principles of medical and surgical procedures and practice.

In addition to providing you with general scientific and health knowledge, the programme will also emphasise the demonstration of competency in both classroom work and fieldwork. You will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience and knowledge through engaging in extensive field study in health services facilities, such as hosppitals or private clinics. You will also usually need to choose a specialisation such as intensive care, paediatrics, learning disabilities or mental health nursing.

Core subjects

Behavioural sciences; critical care nursing; gerontology; health care ethics and law; home healthcare; hospice education; obstetrics; oncology/haematology; paediatrics; theories of nursing practice.

Typical course duration

A degree in nursing will take at least three years to complete.


Prior study of mathematics, biology and chemistry or physics will be needed.

What do graduates do?

Graduates can specialise in cardiology, critical care, forensics, midwifery etc. They can work in clinics, hospitals and private nursing homes.

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