Information technology Course Overview

Information technology Course Overview

Information technology has beceom a part of our everyday lives, from communications to entertainment. From internet banking and online bill payments to technology that has enhanced special effects on the big screen, It has transformed many aspects of our lives

What will you study?

Your studies will cover software and database engineering, network and distributed systems management, including website management, and communication and control.

You will learn the fundamentals of computer systems, computer applications, programming languages and information systems. An important part of the course focuses on developing skills, such as the ability to approach problems systematically: researching and locating relevant information; synthesising data into a cohesive argument: following that argument to its logical conclusion; and presenting it skilfully and objectively.

Core subjects

Computer structure and interface; data communication and distributed networks; information resource management; information systems analysis and design; multimedia technology; operating systems; principles of programming.

Typical course duration

A degree in this field will take at least three years to complete.


While there are no prerequisites for IT courses, a background in mathematics will be very advantageous.

What do graduates do?

As a graduate, and depending upon your specialisation, you can get a job programming, or in systems, networking, hardware-software interfaces etc.