Food science Course Overview

Food science Course Overview

Food science is the application of science and engineering to the production, processing, distribution and evaluation of food. Consider this course if you enjoy chemistry, physics and biology.

What will you study?

The course covers more than just the study of the basic food groups and their physical and chemical properties. You will study nutrition, food microbiology, food sanitation, packaging and preservation, post-harvest related technologies, toxicology, quality control and legislation. You will also learn the scientific principles involved in production agriculture, food processing, marketing and consumption. You will evaluate and understand current agriculture issue which affect food supplies and required nutrients. You will tackle the problems of providing safe, nutritious and desirable food for people.

Core subjects

Applied biochemistry; food biotechnology; food business economics and marketing; food quality and safety; human nutrition; food chemistry; microbiology; product development; science and technology of commodity (meat, dairy, cereals, fruits and vegetables) processing.

Typical course duration

A typical course in food science will last three years.


A background in biology or chemistry, plus at least one extra science of mathematics subject, is required.

What do graduates do?

Career opportunities for graduates in this course are available in research and development firms. laboratories, manufacturing, and academic institutions.

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