Education Course Overview

Education Course Overview

Education is a continuous process that extends from late adolescence to advanced age. This course is designed to increase the knowledge and competence in teaching, counselling, and/or administrating in an individual, group, or community setting.

Great emphasis is placed on tactical interpersonal skills such as effective communication and presentation methods, negotiation techniques and persuasion skills. In most programmes, you can also specialise in various subjects such as language, mathematics, science etc.

What will you study?

This field of study centres around the exploration of the development of learning and teaching in children and adolescents. Issues include educational systems, which cover curriculum design, educational policy and assessment.

The curriculum covers technical principles and practical skills of imparting knowledge which range from structured organisational (ie direct) to informal (ie indirect) approaches.

Core subjects

Education technology; historical and social issues in education; learning theories and instructional procedures; pedagogy; teaching methodology; programme/curriculum planning and course design; research and evaluation models; educational psychology.

Typical course duration

It will take at least three years to complete a degree in this field.


There are no specific prerequisite subjects for this course.

What do graduates do?

Apart from teaching and lecturing in public and private institutions, graduates can produce reference books and help develop school curricula in schools or in the government.

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