Creative multimedia Course Overview

Creative multimedia Course Overview

Multimedia is usually associated with IT, but is actually the combined use of different types of digital and/or analogue media - such as animation, audio and film - to produce a piece of creative work. In this course, the many areas that affect the design and development of multimedia systems are brought together.

What will you study?

Your studies will cover technical, theoretical and design areas. You will dabble in various creative fields, such as art and design, computer graphics, computer programming, film and entertainment, sound recording, and so on.

You will star off with foundation subjects that include the internet, multimedia authoring, creative drawing, narrative and communications. Specialist studies then cover areas like audio, digital drawing and electronic imaging as well as production and marketing of multimedia and edutainment.

Core subjects

Multimedia authoring; introduction to virtual reality; systems development; electronic imaging; audio for multimedia; multimedia production and marketing; virtual worlds and 3D modelling; computer animation technology; games interface design.

Typical course duration

A degree in this subject usually takes three years to complete.


You should have an interest and aptitude for art and design as well as computer skills.

What do graduates do?

The scope of the degree is wide and this allows you to look at many different aspects, keeping your career options open: web designer, game designer, internet programmer, IT manager, graphic artist, multimedia producer and so on.