Architecture Course Overview

Architecture Course Overview

Architecture is the art and science of designing and making buildings and structures to shelter and sustain people and their livelihoods.

What will you study?

Your studies will teach you to combine design creativity with technical competence to create houses, buildings, and other structures and to deal resourcefully with architectural problems on an analytical, conceptual and developmental level. You will also learn computer-aided design and other technological skills.

Core subjects

History of architecture and planning; technology; design criticism; environment science; graphic communication; interior and small building design; site engineering and construction; structure design in virtual space; urban and regional planning.

Typical course duration

The course itself is at least three years.

Architectural graduates must fulfil the requirements of the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM) - which includes passing examinations and a minimum two years' work experience - to be permitted to practise as professional architects.


There are no specific prerequisite subjects for this course.

What do graduates do?

Once you are qualified, you can find work in architectural firms, property departments of retailers amd large construction companies. Apart from making plans in the office, you will spend a lot of time on-site monitoring construction progress and solving design-related problems. You can design new buildings, or even specialise in the restoration of old buildings and be a part of conservation efforts.